If you could choose something to represent or symbolize your relationship what would it be?

An open bible covered with lots of candy hearts ... sweet, sweet love grounded in the word of God.

What is your shared definition of love?

Committing to make the growth of our relationship a priority no matter what.  Keeping the lines of communication open with an intent to hear each other and not just listen.

What about your love makes your marriage last?  Tell us your love keys.

Our individual and collective relationships with God has enabled our marriage to last 37yrs. We are smoother and more deeply in love now than ever because we have let God show us how to love and care for each other. 

If you were asked to counsel one newly engaged/married couple, what are 3-5 statements you would express to them?

  1. Your marriage is all about the TWO of you .. and NO ONE else.

  2. Give each other the benefit of the doubt ... even when its hard to.

  3. Keep dating and flirting with each other

  4. Be willing to listen to each other with "hearing ears" even when you don't agree

Do you agree or disagree that there is a time frame/point where the 'new love' feeling fades? If so, how do you keep it or what is it replaced with? Explain.

We believe that the "new love" doesn't fade ... if you allow it to, it changes into a deep and abiding love that becomes the anchor for a successful and enjoyable marriage.

Fun Facts:
Parents of three -
Nakiesha, Athena and David
Grandparents of four -
Trinity, Jojo, Alaithia and Aarionna
Anniversary -
February 24th, 1979
How they met - 
In a bowling alley in Okinawa.  Tony walked up to to Janet and said "Excuse me, you have some beautiful eyes".  Janet blushed.. and the rest is still being written in history
"I realized I was thinking of you, and I began to wonder how long you'd been on my mind.  Then it occured to me: Since I met you, you've never left."
- Unknown
Pastor Anthony Mitchell & Janet Mitchell

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